Photos of Finished Projects

Here at Hidden Pond Yarns, I'm a firm believer in having many (maybe too many) projects on the go! Whether for gifts or for myself, there is no better feeling than casting on and making it to the finish line of casting off. I absolutely adore using One of A Kind fades of colour (which is why I always try to keep new and exciting things in the Fade section of the shop) It's my favourite way to create, in the dye pans as well as on the knitting needles! Take a look and enjoy some of my finished knitting pieces! Perhaps they'll inspire you to start a new project too!



I knit these socks up for my husband, using two One of a Kind skeins of yarn and the Broken Seed Sock Pattern, and they are his absolute favourites. I think I should have used two colours with more contrast for a better effect, all that knit/purl work is a little lost here, but hey, they're loved and that's what's important!




I used a OOAK 5 Skein fade in Luxe Base, alongside Double Cream on Luxe Base to create these two baby blankets. Using PurlSoho's (free!) Tonal Blanket Pattern, I held this fingering weight yarn double stranded and I adore the drapey feel of the fabric, while the fade of colours really kept things engaging throughout! 



Bramble on Dreamy DK and a brilliant skein of Rainbow Mohair made for an irresistible pairing and I was dying to see what they would look like together. Using the Sock Head Beenie pattern, but adjusted for gauge, I quickly knit up this little hat for my daughter. 




Another baby blanket for the books! This one was very special, as I had tried a new colour melting technique. Using a One of a Kind 5 Skein Fade on Squishy Sock Base, I held this fingering yarn double stranded to really be able to gentle fade the colours from on to the next. I'm a sucker for a clean I Cord edge, so I made sure to incorporate that feature on each side. There's something about the finished feel of sock yarn held double, I find the weight and drape to be so luxurious.




Another on of Andrea Mowry's oh so popular patterns completed here! The Find Your Fade Shawl was the perfect project for two mini skein sets I had lingering around the studio. The finished piece is absolutely beautiful, but it was a long road to the finish line!



This is my fifth (yes, fifth!) Bee Keepers Quilt. An unbelievable amount of knitting that pays off in big, BIG, ways. This one was made using 12 skeins of Hidden DK Base, dyed up in a One of a Kind colour palette (very similar to Fountain Coins, Lucky Penny, Truffle Hunting, Patina and Wishing Well) I have found over the years that these thick, heavy pads made up of hundreds of Hexi Puffs make the very best play spot for babies. I made two for both of my own children, and they still hold a special place in our home. A soft place to roll around, explore and play, while being a delight to the eyes, I just know this piece will be cherished for a life time. 




These beautifully basic Vanilla Socks (pattern by Summer Lee Knits) knit up in that classic colourway Heritage Red were just the perfect pairing. A Christmas Gift for my husband for 2022.



This is my second Starflanket by West Knits. The first one I used my Dreamy DK Base in a variety of colours, but I found it huge, and heavy. This time around, I scaled down and used Squishy Sock yarn in a palette of soft pastel colours (so hard to photograph, but so pretty in person!) I love this blanket that sits at the foot of my daughter's bed!



Another one of Andrea Mowry's most popular patterns, only scaled down to a mini version. The Comfort Fade Cardi also works in fingering weight yarn, I just made the adjustments (good old trusty mathematics) to make this cardigan for my daughter. Using Spring Flowers, Spring Has Sprung, Spring Is In The Air and Spring Fling, which all fade together effortlessly!




I LOVED knitting this large shawl. It's the Gratitude Attitude Shawl by Bigger Than Life Knits. I used some of my very first hand spun yarn, a superwash Merino blend, and paired it with Drops Air in black. The balance was just perfect, and the Drops yarn was very forgiving of my chunky and uneven handspun. I will totally be knitting this pattern again, it was such a pleasure to see it unfold. I also found the design to be very engaging. Casting on the longest row, and decreasing as you go, instead of the opposite, was super refreshing and kept the momentum rolling as I made my way from beginning to end! 


Absolutely thrilled with how my Metamorphic Sweater (pattern by DreaReneeKnits) turned out! I used my own handspun silk/merino blend, alongside some Dreamy Sock Base held double stranded in the colourway Folklore. It fits well, and is very soft. The faux seam detail is so special, and I'm happy I chose to alter the hem from a regular one, to a 'split hem' as I've learnt this style fits my body better. Another winning pattern from one of my favourite knitwear designers! 



My new favourite cozy cardigan is this Coatigan (pattern by Ambah O'Brien). Using 8 skeins of Classic Worsted Base in the Forever Colourway Veedon Fleece, I love the practical nature of this 100% Superewash Merino Base. It also gives the perfect amount of stitch definition, and just the right structure to this piece. I would love at least another one of these, as it's such an easy thing to throw on for lounging around the house! Now, to pick a colour!




This is the "Some Me Time Shawl' pattern by Joji Locatelle. Using 3 skeins of Dreamy DK dyed up in a colourway exclusive to Two Sheeps (please visit to purchase the Ski Lodge at Dusk colourway!) This was such a peaceful and relaxing knit, and this base is wonderful for shawls as it's super soft and has a fantastic drape to it!


I knit this baby blanket for my son, using some of my own hand spun Superwash Merino fibre, and a few skeins of Dreamy DK dyed up on Double Cream. The gradient effect of the hand spun yarn, with the super easy slip stitch pattern using the neutral main colour is nothing short of mesmerizing. I will most definitely be making one of these again, as the pattern repeat is super easy to remember, and it's a really satisfying project from beginning to end!



Knitted pumpkins seem to be all the rage lately around the autumn months! My favourite pattern by far is the Cute Little Pumpkin Patch by Nimble Needlez. I love the clean lines, the increased and decreases are perfectly placed, and the whimsical stems can be made as long and as curly as you'd like by inserting jewelry wire into them. I feel like using handspun yarn definitely adds a level of rustic to these adorable pumpkins, that commercially spun yarn just doesn't have. A must try if you're looking for a fun, palette cleansing pattern in between longer, bigger projects!