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100 grams of Spinning Fibre - Bluefaced Leicester Wool - 26 Micron - Hand Dyed Combed Top

100 grams of Spinning Fibre - Bluefaced Leicester Wool - 26 Micron - Hand Dyed Combed Top

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New to Hidden Pond Yarns is this Bluefaced Leicester Wool spinning fibre! This combed top is untreated wool, from the BFL sheep breed. 

A joy to spin, this fibre is slightly more sturdy and durable compared to Merino Wool, thanks to it's high micron count, and you'll notice your finished garments won't stretch out quite as much. You'll be sure to appreciate the sheen and drape of your finished yarn using Bluefaced Leicester. If you're a newbie to hand spinning, you may prefer BFL to Merino, as the staple length is longer, and the fibre is slightly less slippery, you'll appreciate the crimp factor of this wool!  You can easily spin both fine yarns and thicker yarns with this combed top. 

This base is good for felting, because of the natural state of this untreated fibre. If you don't intend to use it for felting, you'll want to be mindful when washing you yarn, being careful for sharp temperature changes in the water, and less agitating the wool while washing

26 Microns - Staple Length 3"-6"

The colours of dye come out softer, dreamier and more muddled with untreated bases like this one. I do everything possible to avoid colour bleeding, but dye runoff within the first bath isn't uncommon.

The photo shown is a braid of approximately 200 grams. This product is sold in quantities of 100grams. I'll do my very best to send your quantity in one continuous piece, however there is a chance that you'll receive multiple lengths to make up the weight you've ordered. 

I try my very best to capture the most accurate photos to best represent the colours, using natural light. 

I do not keep any of the dye recipes for this product, each batch is a one of a kind creation. If you like what you see, grab the quantity you need while you can!

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