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100 grams of Spinning Fibre - Mix & Match Mini Bun Set - 100% Superwash Merino Wool - Hand Dyed Combed Top

100 grams of Spinning Fibre - Mix & Match Mini Bun Set - 100% Superwash Merino Wool - Hand Dyed Combed Top

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How fabulous are these Mix & Match Mini Bun Sets of hand dyed spinning fibre? This special pack of combed top was curated with big colours in mind. Each set comes with approximately 10 grams of hand dyed combed top roving, in 10 individual and unique colours, for a total of 100 grams per set. 

Eliminate the worry of the colours getting muddled and muddy during the spinning process, with 10 bold tonals that don't need to be pre drafted and separated before you start. As the artist and spinner, you get to decide how you want your colours to flow and how you'll ply them together, as the hues stay vibrant and bold throughout the process. With so many options, you are in complete control of your colour story with the Mix and Match Mini Bun Set!

This set was dyed onto my 22 Micron 100% Superwash Merino combed top. 

An ultra soft, hand dyed merino wool that is easy to care for thanks to it's eco-superwash treatment. A joy to spin, this fibre is soft, fluffy, and buttery smooth. A great choice for both beginner spinners, or for the more experienced. You can easily spin both fine yarns and thicker yarns with this combed top.

This base is NOT good for felting, because of the eco-superwash treatment within. But that means it's much less fragile to handle, especially in water. I always recommend hand washing your finished yarn and laying flat to dry. 

Some minor colour bleeding is normal after the first soak with this base.

22 Microns - Staple Length 2 1/4"-4"

I have added a few photos of the skien of yarn I spun up using this exact set of colours! Although there are many ways you could divide, ply, mix and match, I went for a classic 2 ply yarn with gentle striping effects of colour. What a joy it was watching these colours come together! 

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